An Ensemble Of A-List Professionals

You’ll work with the best talent – and with the top Canadian, Hollywood and London filmmakers and instructors in the film and web video industries.


Prof. Frank Chindamo

Prof. Frank Chindamo, President: Former Curriculum Development/New Media Prof. at USC, UCLA, Emerson, LMU, Chapman. Teaching 15 years. Filmmaker w/30+ awards for HBO, etc. Started on Ghostbusters and SNL.

Chief Metaverse Officer

Monica Arés

Monica is a leading expert in immersive technology, using it to empower people to learn, connect and create in ways they never could before. She is deeply committed to using XR technology to increase access to education and fundamentally transform the way we learn. As the former Head of Immersive Learning at Meta, and a pioneering leader on Interactive Learning Labs at Amazon, Monica is a visionary and leading figure in the field of immersive education. She is dedicated to developing innovative products, programs, and content to make learning more powerful and accessible.


Dr. John Holder

Dr. John Holder heads the UK’s cutting-edge VR & AR RealitiesCentre, drawing on 20 years’ experience in this field. He has led software teams for clients which include Global Fortune 500 corporations and delivered multi-million dollar VR projects with eCommerce integration. In 2018 he built the UK’s first 5G VR lab, collaborating with Huawei and Telefonica, further demonstrating that he is an innovative force at the forefront of technology.


Robin Prybil

Strategy Head. Robin Prybil: Visual Effects (VFX) Executive for Avatar, Lord of the Rings and two movies by Spielberg; Executive at Paramount, Weta Digital, AMD, and CAA.

Head of Education

Ivan Levene

Ivan Levene is a Screenwriter and lecturer, as well as being the MPFA School Director at Royal Holloway U. of London. He has over twenty years of experience as a successful screenwriter, script editor, and development executive on film and TV productions across the world, including UK indie features like the award-winning Brick Lane, Suffragette and productions for the BBC, Channel Four, and Amazon Studios.


Peter Hawley

Peter Hawley, Dean of Education. Former Dean of Columbia College, and Tribeca Flashpoint College, started with Robert DeNiro. Head of State of Illinois Film Office. Accreditation Expert. Teaching 18 years.

UK Director

Lionel Simons

Lionel Simons has a track record of innovative, profitable businesses, including Remington Rand/UNIVAC, Denby Ltd., diagnostic imaging pioneers Dunn Instruments, and film producers Moving Pictures Media Ltd. Most relevant to a global VFS, Lionel has been involved in the international student exchange program AIESEC which he founded in the UK, North and South America. This organization now exchanges 40,000 students in over 120 countries.

Creative Director & Curriculum Creator

Lynn Speier

Lynn Speier has created ideation and branding for VFS, NASA, DOW Chemical, Planet Green, Keurig, etc. She teaches branding and digital marketing in Tokyo and Los Angeles, is a blogger for Tubefilter, and Author of YouTube Success In 5 Steps: Five Steps. No Limits.


Chris Backhouse

Chris Backhouse FCA: Chartered Accountant with a successful track record of helping fast-growing entrepreneurial businesses to achieve their goals and optimize value. He has worked with private & listed companies, ensuring good corporate governance, securing finance, managing cashflows, and enhancing profitability.

Exec. Board

Robert Tercek

Robert Tercek, President of Digital Media at OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network. The first Senior Vice President of Digital Media at Sony Pictures Entertainment. Creative Director at MTV: Music Television. Author of Vaporized book; Former Adjunct Professor in New Media at the USC Peter Stark Producing Program. Advisor to Carson Center of Emerging Media Arts at UNL.

Business Development

Philip Lunn

Philip Lunn: Entrepreneur with successful track record of start up, growth, and exit through acquisition in VR, AR and software. I.e., Nurulize VR software, acquired by SONY Studios.

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