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Using the Art of Storyboarding to Visualize Films

By Sarah Amy Leung When making a film, the pre-production stages are just as important as creating the film itself. One of the most integral parts of film pre-production is storyboarding. Storyboarding creates an outline of a creator’s vision of their product. Explaining Storyboards A storyboard creates the filmmaker’s template to their film. Many fields […]

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The Evolution of Filmmaking

By Natasha Cooper The wonders of film have been captivating audiences for roughly one hundred and thirty years now.  But of course, we have seen many changes in this entertainment and art form.  This blog will take a look at the evolution of film, with a focus on Hollywood and study its origins, and progressions […]

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The Future of Filmmaking in the Next Decade

By Natasha Cooper In 2023, the world has found itself in an increasingly complex and ever-changing position in terms of creative output.  A global pandemic, streaming services, and now writer and actor strikes have undeniably changed the game within the film industry, and that goes without considering the immense impact technological developments have had and […]

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