May 31, 2023

From Hollywood to Canada: Meet the Team at Virtual Film School

If you've ever dreamed of a career in film, you've probably imagined yourself in Hollywood, the global hub of the film industry. But what if we told you that you could get a world-class film education without leaving your living room? Welcome to Virtual Film School Canada, where Hollywood meets the Great White North, and your dreams are just a click away.

The Vision Behind Virtual Film School Canada

We’re here to change the game and democratize film education. We’re a school where geographical boundaries cease to exist, and passion for film is the only prerequisite. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive, accessible, and engaging film education to anyone, anywhere.

At the helm of this innovative institution are a star-studded cast of industry veterans. With their combined experience and passion for film, they're revolutionizing film education and making it accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Meet the Team

Frank Chindamo, the founder of Virtual Film School, is a seasoned filmmaker who has made a significant impact on the industry. His journey began in New York, where he studied Fine Arts at New York University and later earned a Master's in Fine Arts at Columbia University. He was inspired to switch his major to film after realizing the potential of influencing hundreds of people at a time through cinema.

Frank's career has been marked by innovation and a commitment to education. He has taught at prestigious institutions like Chapman University and the University of Southern California. However, he noticed a gap in traditional film education. Many students were promised successful careers as directors, but the reality was often different. This led him to focus on New Media, where his students found great success.

Frank's vision for Virtual Film School is to train students to be self-starters, capable of creating their own businesses. The curriculum teaches you about monetization, business, marketing, branding, and the small business aspect of filmmaking. This comprehensive approach ensures students are well-equipped to navigate the film industry.

Robin Prybil, the Chief Sales Officer at Virtual Film School, brings a wealth of experience from the production side of the film industry. She has worked with renowned visual effects house Weta Digital, known for its work on films like Avatar and Lord of the Rings.

Robin emphasizes that visual effects is a rapidly growing vertical in the entertainment business, touching every frame of the films it works on. This field requires a wide range of skills and disciplines, and there's more demand for the work than there are artists to supply it.

Robin's advice to students is ABC – always be curious – and make themselves uncomfortable. This approach, she believes, helps them grow and prepare for real-world scenarios. She also assures students that no one wants to see them fail. Everyone in the industry wants to see them succeed and feel comfortable doing so.

Monica Ares, serving as the Chief Metaverse Officer at Virtual Film School, is a trailblazer in the realm of immersive technology. Her work focuses on harnessing the power of extended reality (XR) to revolutionize education. With a background that includes leading roles at Meta and Amazon's Interactive Learning Labs, Monica is committed to creating groundbreaking educational tools and content that redefine the learning experience.

Dr. John Holder, the CTO at Virtual Film School, is at the forefront of VR and AR technology in the UK. With two decades of experience under his belt, he has led software teams for top-tier corporations and spearheaded major VR projects with integrated eCommerce. His achievements include establishing the UK's first 5G VR lab in collaboration with Huawei and Telefonica, underscoring his role as a pioneer in the tech industry.

Ivan Levene, the Head of Education at Virtual Film School, brings a wealth of experience from his work as a screenwriter and lecturer. As the MPFA School Director at Royal Holloway University of London, he has spent over twenty years honing his skills in script editing and development for film and TV productions worldwide. His portfolio includes award-winning UK indie features and productions for major networks like the BBC, Channel Four, and Amazon Studios.

Peter Hawley, the Dean of Education at Virtual Film School, is an accomplished academic with a rich history in education. He has held the position of Dean at Columbia College and Tribeca Flashpoint College, which he co-founded with Robert DeNiro. Additionally, he served as the Head of the State of Illinois Film Office. With his extensive teaching experience and commitment to maintaining high educational standards, Peter ensures the school's curriculum is both comprehensive and top-notch.

Robert Tercek, a member of the Executive Board at Virtual Film School, has a distinguished career in digital media. His past roles include President of Digital Media at OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network and Senior Vice President of Digital Media at Sony Pictures Entertainment. He also served as a Creative Director at MTV: Music Television and an Adjunct Professor in New Media at the USC Peter Stark Producing Program. His deep understanding of the digital film industry keeps the school's curriculum relevant and aligned with current trends.

Philip Lunn, responsible for Business Development at Virtual Film School, is an entrepreneur with a proven track record in the VR, AR, and software sectors. His accomplishments include the successful acquisition of Nurulize VR software by SONY Studios. Philip's unique insights from his tech industry experience ensure that the school's curriculum remains at the cutting edge of technology.

Hollywood in Your Home

Virtual Film School Canada is more than just an online school. It's a community of passionate individuals dedicated to the art of filmmaking. With a team of experienced professionals leading the way, students are not only learning the technical aspects of filmmaking but also the business side of the industry.

The school's innovative use of technology, including virtual reality, allows students to learn efficiently and effectively. As Frank Chindamo puts it, "With virtual reality, you can operate at about four times the efficiency... your learning is four times quicker, four times more embedded in your consciousness."

The Future of Film Education

The future of film education is here, and it's virtual. With the advent of technology and the internet, the world has become a global village. This has opened up countless opportunities for aspiring filmmakers, regardless of their location. With Virtual Film School Canada, you can learn from industry experts from Hollywood to Canada, right from the comfort of your home.

So, why wait? Enroll today and start your journey in the world of film. With Virtual Film School Canada, your dreams are just a click away.

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