June 9, 2023

The Future of Filmmaking: Embracing New Media Amidst the Writers' Strike

Hello, future filmmakers and social media influencers! Today, we're diving into the deep end of a hot topic that's been making waves in the industry: the current Writers Guild of America strike and the rise of Large Language Models like ChatGPT in the writing world. But don't worry, we're not here to spread doom and gloom. Instead, we're going to explore how you can ride this wave of change and come out on top!

The Writers' Strike: A Call for Change

The ongoing writers' strike in the United States has brought to light some critical issues in the industry. Writers are standing up for their rights, demanding fair compensation and better working conditions. But amidst this turmoil, an unexpected player has entered the scene: Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The strike is one of the most significant labor disputes in Hollywood history and has brought to the forefront the role of artificial intelligence in the film industry. The strike, which began on May 1, 2023, has seen thousands of writers across the United States cease work, demanding better pay and working conditions. However, the strike's most contentious issue is the increasing use of AI to complete work previously done by humans, particularly in scriptwriting.

AI's role in the film industry has been growing steadily over the past few years. The technology has been used in various aspects of film production, from budgeting and concept art to script development and producing a first cut of a feature film. Supporters of AI argue that it can democratize the film industry by taking over mundane tasks, allowing creators to focus on their ideas without worrying about budgets. They envision a future where every artist has a "holographic vision board," enabling them to instantly see any possible idea in action.

However, critics argue that the increasing reliance on AI is a threat to the industry. They claim that studio executives are looking to replace unionized artists with AI, leading to mediocre, inhuman art. The strike has highlighted these tensions, with writers fearing that they will be replaced by AI.

The Rise of New Media: A World of Opportunities

While traditional film and TV are facing their set of challenges, a new world of opportunities is opening up in the realm of new media. Social media platforms are becoming the new stage for storytelling, with millions of viewers waiting to be entertained, educated, and inspired.

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The Impact of AI on the Film Industry

The use of AI in the film industry is not just a concern for writers. Actors and other industry professionals are also worried about the impact of AI. Some actors have already experienced their "synthetic media double" doing commercials in their place. This technology offers flexibility, but it also raises questions about job security and the dehumanization of the industry.

The strike has also brought attention to the legal and ethical issues surrounding AI. Getty Images recently sued Stability AI, accusing it of improperly training its algorithms on 12 million Getty photographs. This lawsuit highlights the potential for copyright and intellectual property disputes as AI becomes more prevalent in the industry.

The strike has also sparked a debate about the impact of AI on the quality of art. Critics argue that relying on AI to generate stories could lead to a loss of humanity in art. They fear that studios might produce AI-generated stories to save money, potentially alienating audiences and leading to their own downfall.

The strike has also raised concerns about diversity in the industry. Some fear that AI could be used to generate "diverse" content without actually working with a diverse range of artists. This could lead to the stories of marginalized groups being told through the voice of an algorithm, rather than people who have experienced these issues firsthand.

Despite these concerns, some believe that the impact of AI on the industry is being overhyped. They argue that while AI can automate some tasks, it cannot replace the human touch that is essential to creating compelling art. They believe that AI can be a tool for writers, but it cannot replace them.

The Future Is Nothing to Fear

The world of filmmaking is evolving, and so should we. The writers' strike and the rise of AI are not threats, but signals of change. By embracing new media and learning to work with AI, we can create a future where technology and creativity go hand in hand.

So, are you ready to become a part of this exciting new era of filmmaking? Join us at Virtual Film School Canada and start your journey today. Dream it, shoot it, market it – the future of filmmaking is in your hands!

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